5 Steps To Phenomenal

the framework for business growth, storytelling and breakthrough marketing

Learn 5 specific steps that will ignite your team with incredible storytelling and marketing solutions from the stars.

In this one-of-a-kind presentation, Dean translates marketing concepts from major Hollywood hits into practical tools for your sales, marketing and leadership teams.

In 2016, Dean was the creative director for the launch of This Is Us. The trailer he produced went viral quickly amassing over 120 million views becoming the most watched TV show trailer in the history of Facebook. This Is Us is now the #1 show on television.

Before that, Dean helped catapult The Sound of Music Live into a ratings and social media bonanza. Over 65 million viewers tuned in to see the live event and ushered in the new era of record-breaking live TV musicals.

And before all that, Dean’s marketing helped turn a little-known Dutch singing competition into the blockbuster known as The Voice.

For over two decades, Dean McFlicker has quietly been the force behind some of Hollywood’s biggest successes. He doesn’t just produce hits, he has a proven track record of creating phenomena.

This your opportunity to learn how he did it and how to apply it to reach your business goals. With practical yet innovative techniques, this presentation will give you the tools to raise your branding, sales and storytelling in the marketplace to the highest level.