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backstage lessons from the stars

Why does Betty White recommend you “hire a heavy?”

What does Martin Scorsese mean by “kiss your baby goodbye?”

And what do Queen Latifah, Barry Manilow, and Liza Minnelli have in common? 

If you have ever been curious about your favorite celebrities, you’ll love this entertaining and informative one-of-a-kind presentation.

As a marketing director, producer and executive in Hollywood, Dean is continually backstage and on set with some of the world’s biggest stars – and has insights to share from those experiences. Hear lessons to success from some of the most talented and accomplished people on the planet and the surprising things they can teach us.

Key Takeaways

  1. Life in the Spotlight
  2. True Tales from the Red Carpet
  3. Take It from the Top
  4. Kiss Your Baby Goodbye
  5. Hire a Heavy
  6. Make Them Wait
  7. Know Your Name
  8. Tina Turner's Brilliant Dual Personality