Brand Like Betty

In Hollywood, I’ve seen firsthand how some of some of the world’s biggest celebrities are remarkably astute marketers. It makes sense considering their fame and their success is inextricably tied to their public personae. To most, it’s obvious that Carrie Underwood has a different image than Rihanna. They each have a personal brand. But here’s the thing: so do you. Whether you realize it or not, in our ever increasingly interconnected world, you are being perceived in certain ways and are being categorized because of it.

Search engine optimization algorithms are only a small part of the story. We live in an era of information overload. In response to this deluge, we parse what to believe, what and whom to trust at a faster and faster rate. More than ever before, our decisions are based on brand. Now is the time to learn to use it to your advantage.

At 97 years old, Betty White has proven herself a master of personal branding. By defining and differentiating herself, she mindfully crafted the image she wished to portray. And for more than seventy years, she has worked consistently and convincingly to be that brand.  Her success provides a great illustration of branding principles that can be applied to any industry.

“Brand Like Betty” is an informative presentation that will help you refine your brand so that you and your business, like Betty White, will stand the test of time.