College to Career

7 steps to take you from classroom to dream job

Unless your parents own the company, no one’s first job is vice president.

Yet the path from graduation to your dream job is unpaved.

Even those who ace every exam often feel unprepared for the test of trying to create a career that is exciting and fulfilling.

This interactive workshop will fill in the blanks. Learn where and what to research before an interview and how to self-market most effectively whether via cold call, an elevator speech or by creating a formidable resource notebook. Hear exactly how Dean went from student to executive in just a few years and how to get your foot in the door and then kick it wide open.

Packed with practical knowledge, you will learn the action items that can be immediately applied toward your goals. Dean’s proven tools and techniques will not only get you hired but also boost you up the ladder of success.


Key Takeaways

  1. Persuasion and perception
  2. The power of new
  3. Creating your resource notebook
  4. Networking: from 101 to advanced etiquette
  5. The art of the cold call
  6. The Three Rs: recognition, respect and referral
  7. Proper prep for job opportunities
  8. Power moves for maximum success
  9. Overcoming the sliding scale of influence
  10. Entitlement and advancement